"As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of the opportunity provided to serve self-interest when Al Gore created the internet; and we should also thank Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Dorsey for creating Facebook and Twitter out of the kindness of their big hearts and not the thinness of their small wallets."
-Ben Franklin, Autobiography (1742)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The War of 1805 - Day 3: Leonardo Da Vinci

Day 3 of our chronicling of the Zombie War of 1805 actually takes us back in time to the early 1500's. Shortly after finishing his painting of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci said the following:

"In 300 years, every kingdom divided by zombies will fall, as does every mind divided between many studies confounds and eats the brains of itself." -Leonardo da Vinci, 1505

The Founders were quite aware of this quote and thus hyper vigilant about defeating the zombie forces that were trying to destroy the young nation. This quote served as a prediction as to what would come if they were unsuccessful at taking names and kicking ass.

Unfortunately da Vinci made another 'prediction' about the future when he said that:

'Art is never finished, only abandoned.'

While a seemingly harmless statement about art it had major historical ramifications for the Zombie War of 1805. In the early 1800's the Mona Lisa as we know it looked drastically different. da Vinci's initial Mona Lisa was actually a line drawing, as he so deftly noted it was never finished. He abandoned the work and it wasn't until 1805 that we saw the work pop up in a drastically different form. A direct result of the Zombie War of 1805 was the Mona Lisa as we know it. Below we have attempted to construct a timeline of the Mona Lisa.

'Original' Mona Lisa as completed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1505

'Abandoned' Mona Lisa when it was found at the beginning of the Zombie War of 1805

'Recommissioned' Mona Lisa as it was changed following the War

'Predicted' Mona Lisa if the humans would have fallen in the Lego Wars

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